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Window City offers a wide range of window styles, colors and options from a variety of window manufacturers for replacement and new consturction applications.

Casement Windows
Casement Windows are a beautiful choice when you want the appearance of a Picture Window while viewing from the exterior but you also want ventilation to allow fresh air into the room. The Casement sash is hinged to either the left or right side of the window and swings outward in a vertical direction by using a smooth crank operated handle when opening and closing the window.

Awning Windows
Awning Windows are very similar to the Casement with the difference being the sash is hinged to the top of the window and the sash swings outward in a horizontal direction from the hinge with a smooth crank operated handle.

Double Hung | Single Hung Windows
Perhaps because it’s the most traditional window, the Double Hung and Single Hung are also the most popular. The lower sash on the Single Hung opens vertically and tilts inward while the upper sash is a fixed panel. Both sashes on the Double Hung move vertical and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Horizontal Sliding Windows
For a more unique style and a slightly more contemporary look, try Horizontal Slider Windows. A Single Slider has one sash that moves horizontally to open with the second sash being a fixed pane. A Double Slider allows both window sashes to move horizontally providing more flexibility for opening and closing.

Bay, Bow and Garden Windows
Bay Window is a configuration of 3 windows with a picture window in the middle flanked by 2 windows (Single Hung, Double Hung, Picture or Casement) at an angle creating an interior horizontal platform at the base of the windows. A Bow Window is a configuration of 4 or five windows in an arc shape which can be the same style or a variety of Picture, Single Hung, Double Hung or Casement Windows. A Garden Window is most commonly found extending out from the kitchen sink with 4 sides of Glass and a horizontal platform allowing sunlight from all sides providing an ideal environment for potted plants.

Fixed Lite / Picture Windows
Picture Windows are comprised of Fixed Lites of glass in a variety of rectangular sizes. Fixed Lites of glass are also available in a variety of geometric shapes including Hexagon, Octagon, Pentagon, Triangle and Trapezoid. Picture Windows can be made in smaller and larger sizes than typical windows with operable sashes providing flexibility for small transoms over doors or as the large centerpiece for Bay Windows. Picture Windows are ideal when you want to capture the beauty of the outside with a large viewing area without obstructions.

Special Shape Windows
Special Shape Windows add beauty and style both inside and outside your home. They come in a variety of Architectural Shapes and sizes including Circle Top or Half Round, Circle Top with Extended Leg, Quarter Arch, Quarter Arch with Extended Leg, Eyebrow, Eyebrow with Extended Leg, Half Eyebrow and Half Eyebrow with Extended Leg. Special Shapes can be designed as Fixed Lite Windows or with an operable sash like a Single Hung Window. Geometric Shapes also fall into this style category.


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